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According to retirement expert Donna McCaw, successful retirees approach their retirement the way an experienced outdoors person plans a safe yet exciting canoe trip. Like that canoeist, these retirees over-prepare and then go with the flow.


In this practical and entertaining new book, McCaw shows you how you can plan the retirement that fits you - how you can enter this fulfilling time of your life with confidence and flexibility, ready for some nice surprises.

The exercises and discussions throughout It's Your Time give you a heads-up in the areas of:

GETTING STARTED - The emotional issues of moving from the work world to the world of retirement; your retirement plans and expectations; what you need to consider before you make the leap into retirement.

FINANCES - The importance of knowing the financial facts about retirement, including your current net worth and your future needs.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS - The top health issues affecting women and men and how to prevent or manage them; understanding the aging process; dealing with the financial considerations of health care.

LEISURE - Your leisure style; passive vs. active leisure; the value of volunteering; making dreams come true.

RELATIONSHIPS - The importance of keeping in touch with family and friends and understanding the next steps for your primary relationships.

TRANSITIONS - Considerations for managing the first year of retirement; how some retirees "re-vocate, relocate, and re-generate"; the secrets of the successfully retired.

The author concludes her one-stop retirement guide with a complete section of resources to help you as you plan for what is truly your time- your retirement years.

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