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Be the Architect and Designer of your Retirement

Frank Sinatra made Paul Anka's song, My Way, a big hit!  We do want to do things our way and that includes retirement.  We retire to have more time and freedom to do what we want and when we want to do that.  It may be time to think about what that means.  What do we want to do?

Wade Davis, a Canadian writer and anthropologist, says "It takes time for an individual to create a new world of possibilities, to imagine, and bring into being that which has never before existed, the wonder of a full and realized life.  The greatest challenge is the struggle to be the architect of your own life."

Retirement is both WOW and YIKES at the same time.  It is a gift of modern times and a minefield of potholes.  It is a  paradox of both a challenging opportunity and a patchwork of possible problems.  We are all going to have a permanent change of address because we all die at some point.  What to do before that happens becomes the existential challenge.

Deal with the potholes of debt, finances, health issues, relationships, and fears. Get the good advice you may need. Imagine your future as best you can, get your ducks in a row, and look forward to a positive future of your choice and design!

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