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Horn Tooting Time

I have been busy with interviews, courses, speaking opportunities, and workshops.  I have asked for feedback and it lets me know that I am on the right track in getting people to think about their futures.  I want to get them engaged, excited, realistic, and confident about what they are headed for and get feedback on how I am doing.

Helen Lammers-Helps did a series of articles on retirement especially for those in the agricultural industry.  Her October article in Country Guide, the Guide Life Section, has an article called Retire Easy.  It features my book and an interview with me about the challenge of retiring from farming when that is your heritage and identity.  Succession issues come into play as well as practical and psychological realities.  Coming from a Century farm myself, I have some experience that brings that transition into focus.

Some of the comments on the feedback sheets from participants underscore the need for this kind of heads-up work.

What they liked?  

"working through the checklists"

"it turns out I had not thought about retirement in a way that would have allowed for a successful transition"

"practical ideas, empowers you to take charge, reduce fear of the future"

"liked how the book guided us and gave resources"

"like her presentation style...engaging, relaxed and passionate"

"enjoy examples and scenarios"

"exploring ALL of the facets of retirement"

"definately makes you think outside the box"

"have a plan, not just wait for it to happen"

"interesting, informative, entertaining"

"variety of tools, resources, reality checks"

"it gets you thinking about actively making a plan for a happy retirement"

"chance to discuss issues and reflect on beliefs"

The best thing for me was that the feedback was all very positive and reassuring that this is worthwhile, valuable, and important work.  Guess I will not retire from this just yet.  Besides, it's fun!

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